Group Tutoring


At Hitchin Tuition Centre we offer small group tutoring in English, Maths and Science for all levels including SATs, GCSEs and A Levels.

Group tutoring is an effective and affordable solution of helping you to get the support from a tutor that you need. Groups run on a weekly basis and students work on the specific area that they need to develop. All sessions are one hour long and are focused around building subject specific knowledge and skills as well as confidence.

Since our groups are limited to only six students per class, our tutors are able to ensure that every student makes good progress on the topic they are working on in each and every session.

Group lessons available at the Centre are shown on the timetable below.


Two-Week Free Trial

 Still unsure if group tutoring is right for your child?

Why not book a two-week free trial with no obligation to join. Simply, come along, learn and decide later.