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Since 2013, Hitchin Tuition Centre has helped over 4,000 children in Hitchin to achieve and maximise their potential.

Our teaching methods engage students in the learning process,  inspire a love for learning and help students build their confidence and subject knowledge.

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  • Encourages my son to ask questions!

    My son feels very comfortable and at ease with Alex and therefore is happy to ask questions and discuss areas he doesn’t understand. He is learning a lot from her and his confidence is increasing. Thanks Alex!

    - Hayley
  • Helped my son gain confidence in Chemistry

    Jordan has quickly formed a good working relationship with my son. Jordan is able to break down some of the more complex concepts of A Level Chemistry and my son is happy to ask questions knowing they will be thoughtfully answered. My son has definitely had a breakthrough in his understanding of Chemistry and is feeling much more confident, enjoying the subject and he actually looks forward to the lessons thanks to the careful guidance of this tutor.

    - Kathryn
  • Great at explaining complex topics and theories.

    My daughter Nuwandi is very happy about her physics tutor, Rob. She said he is very good at explaining things. Especially, they discuss lots of hard questions until she has complete  understood them and is able to demostrate her understanding.

    - Sam
  • Great tips and explanations.

    Nuwandi is very happy about her Maths tutor’s short cut methods which she has never learnt in school. Also her tutor is very good at explaining things which my daughter can understand easily. We are so pleased about her tutoring.

    - Sam

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